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Laval: Fire damages third floor unit at Lulli St condo complex 12-17-2020

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At 9h30 last night Laval firefighters were deployed to a residential apartment building on Lulli Street at the corner of Laval Boulevard for a structure fire. Upon arrival they engaged in a 10-07 working fire call only to later upgrade the incident to a second alarm fire. Evacuees of all nearby attached apartments were awakened and alerted by firemen and policemen knocking on their doors. Numerous residents of the complex involved in the incident fled with little in hands, taking shelter in public city buses during the frigid cold night. Firefighters conducted an efficient attack on the blaze that had started to spread through other parts of the building and avoided further damage and other resident displacements. Despite one person suffering burn related injuries, this incident has otherwise fortunately didn't leave anyone else seriously hurt.

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