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Longueuil: Firefighter from SSIAL among the injured in frigid cold apartment fire 1-11-2022

At 4h30 yesterday afternoon a fire left three people injured, among them one firefighter in the St-Hubert neighborhood of Longueuil, Québec, Canada. Footage shows early moments when panicked citizens gathered in the front yard of a building on fire. Flames raging out of a second floor balcony can be seen on amateur cellphone witness viewer footage filmed from across the street. Crews erected a ladder in the first moments of the intervention to come to aid the numerous residents trapped inside the burning building. Police officers from the SPAL cordoned off a perimeter at the busy residential corner at Des Emeraudes Street and Edouard Boulevard near Highway 116 in the Montréal's south shore agglomeration. Temperatures indicated -20 celsius at the time of the blaze making things even worse for citizens and crews. Firemen were seen escorting people while climbing down fire ladders as the structure's stairs became inoperable due to heavy smoke spreading throughout. Pets were saved from the fire by firefighters and carried down in animal cages to safety. One SSIAL firefighter required medical attention after suffering from smoke inhalation while conducting rescues. He can be seen laying on the ground in front of the building while being assessed and put on a stretcher with the help of paramedics. He was then carried into an awaiting ambulance to be treated for non life-threatening injuries. Due to the quickness of action nobody was seriously injured in this incident.

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