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Longueuil: No lights no sirens order for person in crisis response 3-25-2024

At 4h pm on March 25th 2024 police officers from the SPAL received a call for a person in crisis that was threatening to jump from a balcony at the corner of Bord de l'Eau Street and Châteaugay Street in Longueuil, Québec, Canada. Due to the sensitive nature of the call and the uncertain state of mind of the person in question, police responded with limited lights and sirens to the address. Upon receiving details on the situation, police dispatchers called in help from the SSIAL fire department who sent a high angle rescue truck that carries specialized equipment made to intervene in dangerous zones like in elevation. An order for the firefighters was made for a 10-100 response which means that all emergency vehicles must approach the scene of the incident without resonating sirens that could jeopardize the intervention or even escalate the anxiety of the patient.

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