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Malton: Cops and firefighters risk everything to save house resident 10-13-2020

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At 6h pm today fire broke out at a home at the corner of Dalewood Dr and Etude Dr in Mississauga, Canada. Emergency crews of all services rushed to the scene with the reports that an occupant with special needs was trapped inside the two story occupied dwelling. In the tense and chaotic first moments, it was all hands on deck in that busy sector of Malton, a small neighborhood in the city of Mississauga. In a courageous act of bravery, Peel Regional Police officers entered the house ablaze to attempt saving a resident. Four of them suffered minor smoke inhalation and were transported to hospital to be assessed. About the same number of fire fighters also suffered the same faith while risking their safety to rescue people today and were treated by EMS crews. Paramedics treated numerous patients overall, transporting some of them to hospital while assessing other ones at the site. The acts performed this afternoon by all Peel emergency workers were nothing short of heroic. No victim died and nobody suffered life threatening injuries. Although rarely seen on video, cops regularly intervene before the fire dept arrives and risk serious injuries or their lives attempting such fire rescues. Being on the road for their entire shift rather than standing by at the station, they are therefore usually first on scene.

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