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Malton: Morning murder at Goreway Dr townhouse complex 4-18-2021

At 7h am this morning PRP officers and Peel medics were called to a townhouse complex in Malton, a neighborhood in Mississauga, Canada. Upon arrival, emergency crews located a deceased party and established a crime scene perimeter on Goreway Drive north of Morningstar Drive. The victim who has yet to be identified showed signs of gunshot wounds and was declared dead on scene. Today, as explained in an interview with PRP media spokesperson Constable Heather Cannon, forensic investigators from the Homicide and Missing Person Bureau are conducting an investigation. A mobile command center was parked at the scene this afternoon as a temporary HQ for police officers. Forensic cops were spotted donning full body hazmat suits to prevent the contamination of the scene while collecting evidence like hair, fibers and finger prints among others. No arrest has been made and no other injuries have been reported in this case.

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