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Malton: Protests break out after SIU ruling in Ejaz Choudry's death 4-10-2021

At 1h pm on Saturday April 10th 2021 dozens of protesters took the streets of Malton, a neighborhood of Mississauga, Canada following a release by the SIU in the case of the Ejaz Choudry's death. On June 19th 2020, PRP officers gathered at a residential building at the corner of Goreway and Morningstar in Malton following the report of a barricaded man. Tactical officers responded to the call and climbed a balcony with collapsible ladders to reach the home of the resident, 62 year old Ejaz Choudry. Upon entering the unit, Choudry who was in possession of a knife was shot by tactical officers before being transported away from the scene and declared dead. Following this tragic fatal incident, protests ensued in the community of Malton where numerous protests were organised: 

June 19th 2020 - Day of the killing:
June 21st 2020 - Day one of protests:
June 22nd 2020 - Day two of protests:

At 1h pm yesterday demonstrators gathered at the corner of Morningstar and Goreway before embarking on march northbound on Goreway. North of Brandon Gate Dr protesters blocked a railway and PRP anti riot officers were deployed to disperse the crowd. Police made seven arrests before a standoff ensued during which a police drone was used to monito the situation from the air.

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