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Markham: Plane crash outside Buttonville Municipal Airport 8-30-2020

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At 2h pm today a plane crashed near the Toronto Buttonville Municipal Airport in Markham into a field adjacent to Highway 404 at 16th Ave. Initial reports on Twitter by York Regional Police suggested that a plane made an ''unscheduled'' landing near the intersection of Highway 404 and 16th Ave. At the scene, fire fighters along with police and airport officials gathered and established a safety perimeter around the small wrecked aircraft. Traffic on Highway 404 slowed down due to the distraction and the fire department occupying the shoulder near the accident. Parts of the wings and tail of the airplane are visible with damage as it lays in a ditch a few meters east of the northbound highway lanes and north of 16th Ave right on the outer boundary of Buttonville Airport. Despite the information transmitted on the police Twitter account that a plane had only made an emergency landing and that there were no injuries, it was later proven otherwise. In a phone interview with York Regional Paramedics, it was revealed that two occupants took place in the aircraft. According to Kory Basso platoon lead, both occupants were transported to a local hospital to treat what are believed to be non life-threatening injuries. Traffic in the area remains difficult as recovery operations are ongoing.

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