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Mile End: Incident causes more fear than harm in Jewish community 2-16-2024

Friday evening 9h pm Montréal, Québec, Canada in the dense downtown Jewish community of the Mile End firefighters responded urgently to a second alarm fire incident at the corner of Durocher Avenue and Fairmount Avenue. On scene the blaze was tackled by SIM crews while ambulance paramedics took charge of two victims who suffered non life-threatening injuries. An area was cordoned off around the perimeter to establish a safety zone and allow firemen to conduct primary and secondary search after flames erupted on the second floor of a house and spread to the roof. Firefighters got a grasp on it within less than one hour while combatting the flames in frigid weather. Sub-zero temperatures have been felt throughout the Montréal greater area for the past days with nights averaging at -10 degrees Celsius rendering breathing equipment frozen and inoperable and a constant challenge for crews working under such hard conditions.

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