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Mississaga: Horror on the QEW aftermath + witness video of VSA crash 6-16-2022

At 10h30 pm last night a horrible accident left numerous people injured on the QEW at Cathraw Road in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. Shocking cellphone footage filmed in the early moments after the collision shows emergency crews attending a patient on the ground. Both paramedics and firefighters can be seen performing life saving measures CPR chest compressions after that patient is believed to have been removed from the tangled wreck of the nearby car. Another patient is also believed to have suffered severe injuries and to have been extricated earlier during the intervention quickly after the fire crews arrived. At least one of the patient was deemed VSA which means with such critical injuries that there are no apparent vital signs. It is not yet clear how many victims there are in total and the degree of injuries. All eastbound lanes towards Toronto remain closed for the time being for OPP investigation. 

Video: Shawn Wiltshire

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