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Mississauga: Double fatal truck VS car collision on Bristol Rd 10-1-2020

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At 7h45 pm last night a two vehicle collision left two people dead in Mississauga, Canada. Both occupants of a traveling sedan car died after their vehicle was struck by a larger one. All emergency crews rushed to the scene in the moments after the crash with the details that two occupants of one car were trapped and VSA. First units that intervened used the westbound lanes on Bristol just east of Segriff Drive in the Terry Fox and Bristol area and confirmed the facts initially transmitted via radio. Police secured a sector for investigation purposes and unrolled crime tape. Officers fron the PRP also are currently insuring road traffic duties and are blocking Bristol both ways. Collision reconstruction investigators have been deployed and will remain at the site throughout the night. The investigation will then determine the circumstances of this serious accident and later reveal the identity of the victims.

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