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Mississauga: Drivers u-turn and go wrong way on QEW ramp after crash 8-29-2020

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At 1h30 am yesterday morning the driver of a stolen vehicle collided with another one in the eastbound lanes of the QEW east of the Hurontario interchange in Mississauga, Canada. All emergency crews were deployed and intervened at the crash site that left numerous people hurt, among them children, all with non life-threatening injuries.  The intervention had all eastbound lanes shut for hours in the early morning while collision reconstruction investigators worked the scene. Traffic accumulated and created a jam so motorists u-turned and used the northbound Hurontario to eastbound QEW highway ramp to set themselves free. In a CBC news story posted shortly after the fact, it is revealed that the stolen vehicle was the result of a string of incidents that took place earlier on Saturday. A 16 year old male stole a vehicle late in the afternoon in Etobicoke before striking a pedestrian and fleeing the scene at the corner of Kipling and Lakeshore on the Toronto side. Later overnight the suspect drove the stolen vehicle at full speed before ramming another one causing significant damage. A family with kids is believed to have taken place in that second vehicle and all fortunately survived the impact. The young suspect was arrested and now faces numerous charges. Full CBC news story:

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