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Mississauga: Extended video of quintuple shooting on the Collegeway 5-29-2021

First scene video posted last night:

A man in his 20's is dead following a shooting that left four other people injured yesterday inside a chicken restaurant in Mississauga, Canada. The injured parties are four people from the same family, being the 56 year old owner of the business, his 44 year old wife, his two sons aged 22 and 25 along with one 58 year old employee. The 25 year old male is the deceased party and was declared dead at the scene while the four other people were transported to hospital. A man was detained by numerous Peel Regional Police officers in the immediate moments and vicinity of the shooting at the corner of Burnhamthorpe and Erin Mills Parkway but it is unclear if he played any role in the incident. 

First story: At 8h pm last night emergency personnel received an urgent call for a shooting at the corner of Collegeway and Glen Erin Drive in Mississauga, Canada. Initial dispatch information mentioned that at least one person is VSA after suffering gunshots to the head. Firefighters, paramedics and numerous police officers put all hands on deck to help the victims in high numbers. Dozens of onlookers gathered and observed a stunning crime scene busy with cruisers and supervisor vehicles. Evidence and personal effects litter the ground in front of the entrance door of a Domino's pizza restaurant adjacent to a gas station. Numerous employees of the active business at a busy time of the day were escorted by PRP uniform and plain clothes officers to an awaiting bus before being interrogated.

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