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Mississauga: Fiery crash on the 427 leaves two people dead 11-14-2020

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At 9h30 last night tragedy struck after a single car accident left two people dead on Highway 427 in Mississauga, Canada. The catastrophic collision happened in the southbound lanes south of the Derry / Rexdale interchange. Early video footage shows the reminiscent of a fire that engulfed the car after the high velocity impact on the Toronto / Mississauga border. Fire crews intervened and put out the fire along with numerous other emergency workers but two parties were declared dead at the scene. Toronto along with Mississauga fire fighters joined their effort during this serious incident and held a debriefing at the scene. Police K9 officers were also dispatched at the site and canvassed the nearby vicinity in search of a possible suspect and additional occupant of the vehicle. Initial reports suggested that an occupant of the car might have been ejected so firemen helped in the search. All southbound traffic is currently shut on H427 south of Derry Road while collision reconstructionist work the case. In a morning tweet from the OPP, scene photos clearly show that the vehicle impacted at high rate of speed in the dead center of a crash attenuator, used to decrease the likelihood of injuries when switching lanes in the 401 / 409 split:

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