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Mississauga: Highway 427 crash with jackknife tractor trailer 4-6-2021

At 2h pm today a heavy transport truck crashed into a metal barrier on Highway 427 before flipping over and finishing its course in a jackknife position. Miraculously, the driver of the tractor trailer escaped the crash with no serious injuries and was assessed by first responders. The dramatic collision had the 427 jammed with traffic in the southbound involved lanes just south of the Derry / Rexdale ramps as well as northbound due to curious onlooking motorists. Firemen from nearby Toronto and Mississauga fire halls gathered and a ladder was used to free up the patient from the precarious position of the vehicle. The truck was carrying what appears to be heavy steel machinery that is still strapped to the now rolled over platform. A recovery operation was underway and left most of the southbound lanes closed to traffic by OPP police cruisers to allow tow truck crews to move the load and clear debris. The second half of this video shows the first instants after impact and the responding emergency vehicles.

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