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Mississauga: Out of control fire destroys famous Paramount Fine Foods 5-30-2021

At 6h pm last night MFES crews received a call for a fire at the Paramount Fine Foods eatery at the corner of Eglinton Avenue and Erin Mills Parkway in Mississauga, Canada. On the way to the scene they received info from dispatch that people had evacuated the occupied premises. Upon arrival firefighters discovered smoke coming out of an opening on the roof and declared a working fire. They initially engaged in an offensive attack by stretching a line and entering the structure. Fire spread in the ceiling and in areas hard to reach for crews who at some point reported heavy flames burning above them. The building that looks to be two stories when viewed from the outside is actually one whole open space inside with very high ceilings. Eventually, an evacuation order was given and crews shifted strategy into a defensive attack after loosing grip on the raging fire. In firefighting, going to defensive mode means that efforts to extinguish the fire will only be provided from the exterior of a structure due to dangerous conditions for firefighters inside. Police from PRP blocked Eglinton Ave a major boulevard both ways to vehicular traffic as smoke spread and water flooded close intersections. Nearby residential towers allowed for stunning high angle viewing vantage point imagery that shows the intensity of the blaze. The landmark that represents this establishment is located in the heart of Erin Mills Town Centre, one of the biggest shopping center in the GTA. As the flames grew and the fire degenerated, a dark column of smoke billowing in the distance could be seen from over 20 kilometers away. The fire that initially started between the ceiling and the roof eventually became a devastating inferno that left in ruins an institution in this dense Mississauga neighborhood. At some point during the catastrophic blaze, the roof collapsed leaving debris amassed in darkened burnt piles inside what was a bustling spot only hours earlier. Fortunately, out of numerous local residents, businesses employees, emergency crews and the numerous onlookers present at the scene yesterday no injury were reported. The office of the Fire Marshal has been called in to investigate the circumstances and the origin of this third alarm fire.

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