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Mississauga: Saturday night violent fight at Mavis Road gas station 7-4-2021

At 1h this morning a fight broke out at a Circle K gas station at the corner of Mavis and 401 in Mississauga, Canada. Paramedics received a call for a stabbing with the mention of a male stabbed in the neck along with two other victims. Police taped up a section of a parking lot and interrogated witnesses and patients before transporting two of them to hospital. A police dog from the Peel Regional Police K9 Unit was deployed to canvas the ground around the perimeter. In a tweet early in the moments after the violent incident, the PRP declared that one male was transported to a trauma center in stable condition. The entrance to the convenience store was also barricaded by a police line, likely for evidence to be collected such as video images from nearby closer circuit television.

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