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Mississauga: Two men killed in two separate traffic collisions 12-18-2020

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At 6h30 tonight a man in his seventies was fatally struck by a car at the corner of Goreway and Morningstar in the Malton area of Mississauga, Canada. The tragic collision appears to have occurred at a service station located at the busy street corner where a car that looks like the object of an investigation remained immobilized. PRP's motor vehicle investigators have been assigned the case in this busy night in the Peel area. Meanwhile at 8h pm tonight another accident cost the life of a man at the corner of Burnhamthorpe and Wolfedale in Mississauga, Canada. At that location, two wrecked vehicles lay a significant distance from each other on the shut down boulevard. Other debris and shattered glass fragments are spread on the roadway following the significant impact, through which collision reconstructionists have placed evidence markers. Meanwhile in the east end of the metropolis, a man was also struck and killed in a hit and run that happened inside a parking garage in Toronto at the corner of Eglinton and Mount Pleasant. 

Footage of Burnhamthorpe and Wolfedale scene is from start to 4:10
Footage of Goreway and Morningstar scene is from 4:11 to the end

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