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Montréal: 30000 march against covid rules in giant display of idiocy 5-1-2021

At noon on Saturday May 1st 2021 tens of thousands of people took the street in Montréal, Canada to express their positions against Covid-19 preventive and sanitary measures. At a time when nurses, doctors and personal care providers struggle with the most recent natural disaster in recent mankind history, other self centered individuals complain. This demonstration was composed of anti-vaxxers, conspiracy theorists, and anti-mask protesters that affirm that the mandatory guidance against Covid-19 such as wearing a mask goes against their freedom. In the most recent display of complete utter idiocy, recklessness and indifference towards the people that work to save the dying, a crowd amassed on Ontario Street near the infamous Olympic Stadium to chant, dance and shout extremist slogans. Police were deployed around the incident in high numbers among them on horses, but did not intervene other than arresting a few people and handing about 30 fines. Ironically, this gathering of thousands of people mostly not wearing a mask has likely contributed again to spread the virus of this pandemic that has now left over 3 million people dead in 16 months.

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