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Montréal: Aerial footage of 10-15 causing environmental concerns 6-26-2022

At 11h am Sunday morning June 26th a fire broke out at a recycling building at the intersection of Sherbrooke and Durocher in the east end of the city of Montréal, Québec, Canada. Large plums of smoke could be seen from an aerial vantage point pouring out the roof of a portion of a large industrial building complex. An alert was transmitted to nearby residences to keep windows closed during the day of the intervention as well as the next day, as crews faced difficult conditions. SIM crews upgraded the fire to a 5th alarm fire or 10-15 that fortunately left no one injured in the end. A bulldozer used to clear off debris was later slowed down due to strong vertical beam holding parts of the structure in place. The Ministry of Environment as well as an ultra specialized high tech vehicle called TAGA (Analyseur de Gaz Atmosphériques à l'État de Traces) was used to detect possible harmful gases in low concentrations to ensure public safety.

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