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Montréal: Air Canada flight diverted to YUL airport due to mechanical issue 5-14-2022

At 6h pm yesterday an Airbus A330 from the company Air Canada had to make an emergency landing at YUL airport in Montréal, Québec, Canada following a mechanical issue. The plane that was spotted on final approach with 283 souls on board was then escorted after landing by numerous emergency service vehicles. Firefighters from the SIM as well as the airport's fire department observed the landing gear wheels using a heat detector device to see if an abnormal amount of radiant heat was detected after the unusual landing. Flight AC811 assuring the link from Lisbon, Portugal to Toronto, Canada was diverted in its later stage and assigned to land at Pierre-Eliot Trudeau instead. No one was injured in this incident and the passengers carried on to Toronto later in the evening after a legally needed crew change and on board a different A330.

Video: Joey Absi / Sidney Dagenais

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