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Montréal: Busy command post at 4th alarm vacant school fire 4-5-2024

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April 5th 2024 at 4h pm callers to the 911 central reported smoke coming out of a large building on Gouin Boulevard West at the corner of Somerset Avenue in Montréal, Québec, Canada. A school and a kindergarten that were unoccupied at the time are believed to be the attached structures involved. The wide one story educational vacant building seems to be abandoned with graffiti on the outside walls and potential squatters presence. Very few details on the structural state caused firefighters to engage in an offensive attack meaning they will only extinguish the fire from the outside. In the case of such fires it is safer for fire crews to not enter to avoid any potential dangers posed by unknown placement of walls and floors as well as the solidity of them. A fourth alarm was necessary to come over the flames that were raging throughout the school and a large cloud of smoke produced a haze in a large part of the Ahuntsic-Cartierville borough of Montréal. SIM crews are at their tenth hour of battling this challenging multi-resource 10-90 / 10-75 building ablaze at the moment of writing this story and are expected to remain on the site for several more hours. At 3h42 this morning nearly 12 hours after the start of the incident the 10-10 code was given which means the end of intervention.

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