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Montréal: Chilling fire dept audio of deadly Airbnb condo inferno 3-16-2023

An eighteen year old woman died after calling 911 without being able to escape a raging inferno last week in Montréal, Canada. Six other people are missing from a building that was ravaged by flames Thursday morning at 135 rue du Port, during a friends gathering at an Airbnb location. The father of that 18 year old victim found out the next day that her cellphone's last known location was at the coordinates where the structure is now in ruins. Devastating flames and heat rendered the entire structure unsafe for firefighters to enter and may make the identification of the missing parties impossible. At 5h30 am on March 16 all hell broke loose as radio communications from the SIM fire department indicated when multiple 911 calls came into the dispatch center. First due crews found heavy flames on arrival and two people stuck on the roof of the burning building, one of which was rescued and the other jumped on the roof of a car.

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