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Montréal: Cop shot by Uber driver who stole his gun 1-28-2021

At 5h pm today an incredibly violent incident unfolded in the otherwise rather peaceful city of Montréal, Canada after an Uber driver shot a police officer with the gun he had stolen from him. A police officer from the SPVM (Service de Police de la Ville de Montréal) had initially stopped the Uber vehicle for a traffic stop at the corner of Cremazie Boulevard and L'Acadie Boulevard in the Parc-Extension neighborhood of the Québec metropolis. After a brief encounter with the driver and a moment of inattention, the suspect 31 year old Mamadi Fara Camara assaulted the police officer with a blunt object. During an altercation that ensued, the suspect then managed to get a grip of the officer's service pistol and disarm him. In a horrific turn of events, the Uber driver committed the unthinkable and fired in the direction of the officer who was apparently running for cover. The victim suffered at least one gunshot wound and his injuries are fortunately believed to be non life-threatening. The cowardly act will not remain unpunished as the suspect then ran for a few hours at most, before being caught by numerous tracking officers. The use of a K9 police dog and multiple uniform and tactical cops was made in the hours following the crime to track and find the suspect. Other SPVM officers canvassed a portion of the busy Highway 40 near the off ramp to L'Acadie Boulevard as well as interrogating drivers in the area. In an update received today on February 3rd it was learned that the suspect in this case Mamadi Fara Camara has been released and cleared of all charges that were pending, while the investigation continues.

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