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Montréal: Cops shoot double murder suspect on Ontario Street 10-3-2020

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At noon today a brazen and violent incident unfolded at the corner of Ontario Street and Cadillac Street in the Souligny and Dickson area of Montreal, Canada. The suspect in this affair was believed to have killed two women in that sector before police responded. Upon arrival, gunshots were fired by cops from the SPVM which resulted in the suspect suffering non life-threatening injuries. According to the BEI which has taken over the investigation, the suspect opened fire towards the police officers after their arrival at the scene. The BEI has also mandated two police officers from the SQ provincial police service usually in charge of Quebec wide operations. The incident has paralyzed the small neighborhood located in the sector of Mercier-Hochelaga-Maisonneuve, a dense populated sector of Quebec's metropolis which currently has a large safety perimeter set up. The suspect, a yet to be identified man has been arrested and will face numerous charges in this violent incident. 

Video: Louis Trévisan

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