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Montréal: Extensive 4K footage of unruly Habs fans after Jets series 6-7-2021

Extensive video coverage in 4K of the aftermath of game 4 between the Montréal Canadiens and the Winnipeg Jets on Monday June 7th. In a spectacular 4-0 series shutout, the Habs eliminated the Jets after previously eliminating the Toronto Maple Leafs in the NHL 2021 Stanley Cup Playoffs. After winning the game at midnight on Monday, fans became unruly and anti-riot police were deployed throughout the streets of downtown Montréal. Fireworks were launched in the crowds, while people body surfed and others held the city's famous orange traffic cones as Stanley Cup props. Celebrations turned awry when people started throwing traffic cones at each other and a group attempted to overturn a police vehicle. One person was arrested by heavily geared officers and fire crews extinguished a fire burning inside a recycling bin in the vicinity of the crowd overflow. 

Video: Sidney Dagenais

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