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Montréal: Firefighter missing after water rescue gone wrong 10-17-2021

All hands on deck right now in Montréal, Canada as emergency crews search for a missing firefighter. Initially, SIM fire crews responded to a rescue call for a boat adrift in the white waters of Lachine Rapids south of the Lasalle neighborhood. Since then, it appears according to radio chatter that two citizens were rescued along with two firefighters. One more fireman has gone missing after the fireboat they were taking place in is believed to have capsized. Rescue efforts from Trenton Air Force Base and the Canadian Coast Guard are joined by mutual aid from Roussillon, Varennes, Longueuil and Sainte-Catherine. The four people that were rescued are suffering non life-threatening injuries among them hypothermia and chest pain, but the fate of the missing fireman is unknown.

Video: Patrick M.

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