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Montréal: Heavy police presence prevents third night of rioting 4-13-2021

At 8h pm last night no protests were held on the third night of what would have been a series of Covid-19 lockdown riots. On Sunday April 11th and 12th two protests were held at 8h pm to defy the newly implemented curfew. These two gatherings turned to riots when youths ran through the city and broke windows, cars and set objects alight. A large police presence last night on Ste-Catherine street helped prevent any potential snafus. Montréal police SPVM's own GI (Groupe d'Intervention) anti-riot unit was deployed and guarded a busy area of the downtown core last night just before 8h pm. Evidently, suspicious people who roamed around the Ste-Catherine main bustling neighborhood near the popular Eaton Centre decided to not cause any revolt or damage at the imposing view of the numerous officers on scene. Uniform cops, bike units and anti riot officers all joined their effort to maintain public safety and in the end only interpelled a few individuals that walked outside after 8h pm. An 8h pm curfew was established city-wide in Montréal last month while it had recently been upped to 9h30 pm. But a recent rule established by the Premier François Legault had the 8h pm curfew reinstated as of Sunday.

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