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Montréal: Instant karma after subway fare thief stabs himself 12-23-2020

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At 2h30 pm yesterday afternoon, a suspected free rider jumped a subway gate attempting to steal a fare and instead stabbed himself accidentally with a knife he was carrying in his pocket. The man suffered traumatic injuries so all emergency crews responded to the urgent incident at Metro Plamondon in Montréal, Canada. Paramedics and firemen provided first aid to the victim at the busy subway station at the corner of Van Horne Avenue and Victoria Avenue in the Côte Ste-Catherine area. SPVM police officers responded in large numbers and escorted the ambulance carrying the patient away from the scene with lights and sirens. This scatty event left no one else hurt and the injuries to the fare evasion suspect are fortunately non life-threatening. 

Video: Daniel Absi

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