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Montréal: Man with no vax proof denied boarding on Air Transat flight 12-27-2021

At 6h pm on Monday December 27th 2021, failure to produce a proof of Covid-19 vaccine had a man denied boarding an Air Transat flight in Montréal, Canada. The incident happened at gate number A11 at Pierre-Eliot Trudeau International Airport YUL located in the Dorval neighborhood of Montréal in Québec, Canada for the Toronto-bound flight. As ground agents carried on with boarding for flight number TS410 at the busy terminal gate, one of them was seen arguing with a passenger while trying to have them produce a proof of vaccination as required by law. Two airport officers riding bikes gathered at the scene along with a K9 unit for precaution against a possible violent outcome of the unfolding situation. The ground agent explained to the reluctant passenger that even if a proof of Moderna, Pfeizer or other vaccine against the coronavirus was presented to someone else in the prior safety steps at the airport, he was in obligation of providing it again if required by one of the authorized people like in this case. It appears the passenger could not produce the proper document upon final boarding call and was refused access to the aircraft. After insulting a few officers on the way, the passenger eventually complied and was escorted to the terminal's exit.

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