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Montréal: Pair drowns after car plunges into Lake St-Louis 10-6-2020

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At 6h30 last night, a car with two people on board fell into the water before being completely submerged in the West Island part of Montreal, Canada. According to witnesses the vehicle was previously parked at a dock at the corner of St-Joseph Street and 34th Avenue in Lachine, a neighborhood of Montreal. The incredible and tragic incident happened on the shores of the St-Lawrence River which is called Lake St-Louis in that sector of the city. Two occupants of the car, a man and a woman in their early twenties did not have the time to escape and drowned. All emergency crews were quickly dispatched to the site following numerous 911 calls to the central due to the popular and busy leisure St-Louis Park. Highly trained water rescue crews were spotted scouring the area over the water using pike poles while Paramedics stood by in hopes of finding the two missing parties. The bodies of the two riders were later recovered on the evening of Tuesday by SPVM police divers in a joint operation with the Canadian Coast Guard and the SIM fire department. According to Raphael Bergeron, spokesperson at the SPVM, the car was initially in a nearby parking lot adjacent to the water edge. He explains that the most credible theory in this early stage of the investigation is that the accident happened following the driver's wrong maneuver. 

Video: Sidney Dagenais

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