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Montréal: Plane crash with banner "will you marry me" on Ile Ste-Hélène 10-2-2021

At 6h pm last night one person died and another was injured after their plane crashed on Ste-Hélène Island in Montréal, Canada. Stunned callers to the 911 centrale mentioned that a small aircraft had crashed in a popular park near the downtown core. Firefighters from the SIM along with police and paramedics rushed to the scene only to observe smoke rising over the horizon prior to arrival. The plane carrying two occupants burst into flames and became involved in fire after impact as dramatic cellphone video images show. One person was declared dead on scene while the other occupant was transferred to hospital with non life-threatening injuries. Aftermath footage filmed from an elevated vantage point of view at the foot of Concorde Bridge shows the wreckage laying on Dieppe Park paths next to Pierre-Dupuy Avenue at the end of a peninsula off of Montréal's Old Port. At the time of the fatal and tragic accident, bad weather was rolling over the Québec metropolis and the music festival Ocheaga was taking place nearby.

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