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Montréal: Woman killed in winter crash on frozen Lachine Canal 1-3-2022

At 9h yesterday morning, a woman in her seventies died after a two-vehicle collision in Montréal, Québec, Canada. The dramatic and tragic accident happened at the corner of Dollard Avenue and St-Patrick Street when a truck traveling northbound on Dollard collided with an SUV traveling eastbound on St-Patrick. The SUV with a pair on board, a male and female in their 70's left the roadway, slid on a snowy embankment and crashed onto the frozen bed of the Lachine Canal. Clear skid marks show the tire tracks of the doomed vehicle on the embankment in a north-eastern direction prior to the deadly impact. The current season being winter and the particularly cold temperatures in recent days helped the water to freeze thick enough to prevent a deadlier outcome. The male driver survived the ordeal but not without suffering serious injuries. While the elderly woman passenger was declared dead on scene, the elderly man was rescued and lifted out of his precarious position by the "hommes araignées" intervention group of the SIM in charge of technical, high angle, water and ice rescues. Highly trained "sauvetage technique" firefighters for situations like this one used ropes and ladders to lift the patient strapped on a spinal board. Had the ice been thinner, it is very likely that the car would have become submerged leaving no doubt of low chances of survival for both parties. No word of the cause of initial impact and the driver of the truck suffered non life-threatening injuries.

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