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Montréal: Young man killed in horrific ferris wheel maintenance accident 12-25-2021

On Saturday December 25th 2021, twenty year old Riley Valcin died following a horrific work related maintenance accident at the Grande Roue in Montréal, Québec, Canada. The so-called and now infamous ''observation wheel'' located in the prime Old Port of Montréal tourist area is now a closed site after the tragic accident. On that fateful Christmas day, all emergency crews received a call for an injured worker at the location of the leisure viewing ferris wheel at the corner of de la Commune Street and Clock Tower Quay Street in Old Montréal. Upon arrival they discovered the victim with severe traumatic injuries atop a maintenance step near the access to one of the gondola's cars. Drastic life saving efforts were performed under a light snowfall and in front of stunned bystanders who had gathered to observe the unfolding events. Firefighters did chest compression CPR tasks while paramedics carried the stretcher containing the unconscious patient towards an awaiting ambulance. Despite the quick efforts of well trained Urgences Santé medics and SIM firemen in this type of situation, the young adult later died due to the severity of his injuries.

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