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Montréal: YUL airport FD mutual aid response to help with difficult wildfire 5-5-2022

At 3h pm yesterday afternoon a large wildfire broke out in the industrial park of Valleyfield, Québec, Canada triggering a multi resource response in the municipality south of Montréal. Among other apparatuses, an airport tender crash fire truck was deployed at the scene to help local crews battle the serious inferno that threatened numerous nearby businesses. Grass and recycling plant debris were believed to be on fire for over 12 hours as a thick smoke column rose and could be seen from far away. Firetruck 3 from the Pierre-Elliott Trudeau International Airport was spotted driving on the highway and arriving at the site located north of the intersection of Des Érables Boulevard and Gérard-Cadieux Boulevard in Salaberry de Valleyfield. The unit contributed to dousing the heavy flames as seen in witness footage along with other specialized equipment like a Drago ISI fire truck that uses a mounted cannon to shoot water at a very high velocity. The Québec provincial wildfire authorities called Sopfeu also deployed two airplanes that were spotted flying around the scene. 

Video: Isabelle Gonthier / Christophe Deschamps

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