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NDG: Urgent MVA response for elderly crushed by their own car 24-2024

Unknown sex and age for a patient that was pinned and crushed between a slow moving and an immobilized vehicle on Borden Ave at the corner of Sherbrooke Street West in Montréal, Québec, Canada. Time is of the essence at the scene that unfolded yesterday March 23rd 2024 in the quiet NDG neighborhood until sirens started echoing. Police squad cars were spotted responding with lights and sirens to the address for the call of a pedestrian or driver involved in a car accident with a slow moving minivan and a smaller parked sedan. Close proximity early footage at the scene shows impressive coordinated efforts between paramedics, firefighters and police officers who provided important first-aid care. A victim of an MVA (Motor Vehicle Accident) can suffer internal crushing injuries where broken bones perforate vital organs and cause internal bleeding, so urgent help can be critical for the outcome and make a difference between life and death. Conversations recorded between first responders at the busy site are a testimony of the level of professionalism emergency workers demonstrate on a daily basis. Dramatic on scene footage filmed while emergency services are still arriving and squad cars insure traffic duties is an insight on how the first moments a 911 call is treated. Cops unrolled tape to establish a perimeter in order to provide privacy for the victim as medics placed them in a spinal board. Firefighters from nearby station 46 engaged in proactive rapid action and took upon themself to clear snow in a path on the ground using shovels from nearby houses to allow faster transport of the stretcher to an awaiting ambulance. At start of intervention and arrival of media crew, an elderly patient was seen laying on the floorboard of a minivan believed to be their own, while being treated for extremely painful traumatic injuries. A language barrier gave an extra challenge to EMS for more clear details about the exact circumstances of the incident and more information on location of injuries. Exemplary display of dedication and medical expertise by all first responders was witnessed during this high risk intervention and is a comforting feeling for the more vulnerable citizens of this city.

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