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North York: Sport biker DOA after Weston and Lawrence collision 9-18-2021

Tragedy struck at a busy street corner in broad daylight today in Toronto, Canada after the rider of a sportsbike was killed in a traffic collision. The shocking accident happened at 2h pm at the intersection of the two major boulevards Weston Road and Lawrence Avenue in the North York neighborhood of the Canadian metropolis. Officers from TPS have the entire intersection shut down to traffic in all directions as reconstruction investigators will work the case. Another vehicle, an SUV remains immobilized in the middle of the street corner next to the wreck of a super sport bike which are the only testimony of what remains of the victim who was declared dead on scene. Firefighters and paramedics along with the first police officers on scene provided life saving effort and attempted everything to revive the patient like performing CPR chest compression technique. It is believed the victim of this fatal crash was killed on impact as it came in contact with the SUV.

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