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Oakville: Mystery lights in the night sky are illuminating rescue flares 8-26-2021

Reports of burning flares observed in the sky last night came in from Oakville and Mississauga tonight after emergency crews are performing a water rescue. Bright shimmer with a faded trail of smoke in the distance could be seen all evening over Lake Ontario. The Royal Air Force dispatched a rescue airplane from 424 Squadron from 8 Wing in Trenton, Ontario. Canadian Coast Guard along with water units from the Halton Regional Police Services are currently searching for a missing boater after an unoccupied vessel was found. In a tweet tonight, the police underlined that the shiny lights over the lake that people may have spotted were in fact flares used by the crews to illuminate the otherwise dark waters below. The last known position of the possible victim as per HRPS is determined to be the mouth of 16 Mile Creek located near the corner of Lakeshore Rd and Water St in Oakville, Canada. In an updated statement we have learned that the person missing is 80 year old Robert Wyles, an experienced boater who had acquired the vessel the same day and who has been missing since about 6h pm last night.

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