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Oshawa: Massacre at Parklane Ave home leaves five dead 9-4-2020

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At 1h30 am yesterday morning a horrific call came in to the 911 central dispatch in Oshawa, a city outside of Toronto, Canada. People reported numerous gunshots and comotion heard at a house on Parklane Avenue east of Harmony Road. Upon arrival, emergency crews staged and paramedics held away from the scene as far as King Street. They then discovered 5 deceased parties at the home, four of them being victims and one of them the perpetrator of the horrific crime. A fifth victim, a female in her fifties was found with gunshot injuries that are considered non life-threatening and no arrest or other suspects are outstanding. The perpetrator, Mitchel Lapa 48 years old is believed to be the brother of the fifth victim who survived the shooting. The deceased victims have yet to be formerly identified but are believed to be a father and three of his children. The couple's fourth child who was away at the time of the killings and the mother are the only two surviving people in this utter tragedy.

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