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Panama: Sloths are our furry friends from the rainforest

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Video compilation of lovely hairy lazy looking sloths spending a calm and relaxing day in the exotic tropical jungles of Panama. Among other fascinating creatures that Central America's rainforests have to offer, the sloth has to be one of the most unique and mystical of them all. Spending most of the day sleeping and hanging out in tree's canopy, the two toed and three toed sloth are the most common species present in Panama. With a cute innocent face that almost looks like it is smiling, the sloth uses its infamous slow pace to save energy in the hot and humid climate of most Central American and northern South American countries neotropical climate. Feeding on fruits, plants and insects, this adorable 50cm little beast in turn becomes prey to larger mammals like the jaguar as well as birds of prey like the Harpy Eagle. The 4K footage in this compilation was exclusively filmed in the wild in the rainforest of the lush and vibrant buzzing Pipeline Road in Panama during the month of February. licensing

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