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Paris: Clashes and chaos on yet another Saturday of protest 9-12-2020

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In the afternoon of Saturday September 12th 2020, violent clashes between the riot police and masked extremists left the street of Paris in complete disarray. As usual, thousands of people had initially gathered to hold a rally for various causes but the gathering quickly turned awry. Thugs that conveniently wore masks broke public properties, overturned vehicles and set fire to motorbikes and trash cans. Anti riot police officers used tear gas to disperse the unruly crowd composed of violent anarchists such as black block and antifas. Another protest is planned for Paris, France this coming Saturday September 19th 2020 which is starting to look familiar with a past trend of Saturdays of violence initiated by the yellow vests movement back in November 2018. 

Video: Yazid Bouziar

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