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Paris: Hospital security guard in critical condition after shooting 4-12-2021

At 14h this afternoon a man and a woman were shot in front of Hospital Henry Dunant in Paris, France, one of them fatally. A shooter that was seen leaving the site of the crime on a motorbike is currently on the loose and the subject of a manhunt. Despite recent scares of potential attacks on public government during the Covid-19 crisis and recent terrorist attacks across Europe, the mayor of the 16th Borough (16e Arrondissement) Francis Szpiner re-assured the public quickly in a press conference explaining that this was in no way the case. Instead, it is believed this is an isolated incident that mostly resembles a targeted attack. One man in his thirties is dead and one woman, a security guard at the geriatric hospital is currently listed in life-threatening conditions after both suffered gunshot wounds. 

Video: Eka Leladze

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