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Passaic: Drone view of major 11 alarm fire at NJ chlorine plant night + day 1-15-2022

At 8h30 pm last night a fire broke out at a chemical plant in New Jersey, USA that left one firefighter hurt with non life-threatening injuries. Raging flames could be seen by witnesses from miles away as the Qualco plant caught fire on Canal Street at the corner of Passaic Street in the city of Passaic, NJ on the outskirts of New York City. The initial building became quickly involved as chemical products were believed to be inside and flames spread to numerous nearby structures. Stunning aerial drone imagery provides a better look and offers a clear understanding of the magnitude of the blaze viewed in both nighttime and daytime footage. Firefighters battled the blaze in extreme cold temperatures as a weather system is currently brigining frigid conditions outside, thus creating large icicles from firefighting water. One fireman was injured when collapsing debris hit them in the head and none of the nearby residents were hurt. This building is surrounded by a packed high density neighborhood composed of residential streets and homes along with the adjacent NJ 21 freeway which had a long stretch shut overnight. Due to cold temperatures, the number of alarms required to get a grip on the violent inferno kept climbing until a rare 11th alarm was struck. Over 200 firefighters have been deployed to battle the monster fire since last night and most remain on scene at the time of writing these lines. The main affected building hosting swimming pool equipment reportedly collapsed about two hours into the incident. Some part of the structure containing large amounts of chlorine in storage, used to clean pool water, was threatening to catch fire after which point the situation could have become disastrous. Fortunately firefighting efforts prevented that doomed scenario as flames didn't reach the dangerous compound. Residents of nearby houses and apartments were told to stay indoors and to shut windows to prevent being hurt by toxic fumes. As officials stated, if the main part of the plant with the chlorine in it had caught fire the situation would have been catastrophic and large parts of the city would have become under an evacuation order.

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