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Pearson: Airport firetrucks escort AC plane after YYZ emergency landing 5-30-2021

At 3h30 this afternoon an aircraft incident had Mississauga fire crews along with Toronto Pearson International Airport YYZ firefighters on alert after an inflight emergency. An Air Canada airplane believed to only have pilots on board was at some point without the use of one of the two engines. The plane landed safely on Runway 05 in the eastbound direction before being escorted by MFES and YYZ fire apparatuses for inspection. The aircraft can be seen taxiing airside alongside firetrucks following at slow speed. In a busier than normal day for Mississauga fire crews, they earlier intervened in an accident on Highway 403 at Highway 410 in which a child patient was airlifted by Ornge to a downtown Toronto hospital. They are also currently undergoing a defensive 2nd alarm fire battle at Paramount's Fine Foods at the corner of Eglinton and Erin Mills Parkway that has caused considerable structural damage.

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