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Pinery Provincial Park: The rare and only Oak Savanna forest in Canada

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An incredible and enchanting forest exists in Ontario where wildlife thrives and beach dunes mix with lush woodlands. In late fall, landscapes at Pinery Provincial Park turn into a rainbow of colours as trees with leaves prepare for winter on the shores of Lake Huron in Southern Ontario, Canada. Evergreen pine trees on the other hand, contrast with their green color and will remain that way throughout the cold season. Birds migrate south and gather there to hunt along the trails and feed on the plenty of resources before the long trip. Flocks of the rapid moving distinctive Tufted Titmouse and the tiny quick Golden Crowned Kinglet birds "drift" through the woods, staying together as a safety in numbers strategy. This particular Oak Savanna type of forest that hosts them is one of the only of its kind in the country, and only present in few parts of North America. While deers and turkeys roam the forest ground, these other agile birds will forage all the way up to the top of the canopy too. Among other residents or passing specimens at this time of the year is a Bald Eagle seen keeping a powerful sight on the sea like scenery over the waves of Lake Huron. Dunes form with the wind atop which moss and other vegetation grow and provide feeding grounds for juncos and sparrows. This two hour unedited raw footage compilation was filmed in 4K during the first week of November.

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