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Québec: Caught on video T-bone collision with domino effect 3-29-2023

At noon today March 29th an ambulance from was struck in a domino effect in a T-bone style collision in Brossard, a suburb of Longueuil, Québec, Canada. A dashcam recorded the incident as a small four door sedan can be seen making an illegal left turn before being struck on the passenger side by a pickup truck with right of passage. The sole occupant of the small car walked away with no injuries and received her hospital release the same day and no other injuries were reported. Shocking video recorded automatically on a loop with a point of view (POV) originating from across the lanes at the intersection of Taschereau Blvd and Panama Blvd shows the very moment of impact between the two initial vehicles and windows being shattered. The small car takes all the energy from the velocity of impact from the larger vehicle and bounces back striking an ambulance waiting at a red light. Footage shows the ambulance from the South Shore of Montréal's medic services Urgences Santé moving when hit.

Video: Jacques Dagenais

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