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Québec: Large house fully involved with exposure prior FD arrival 10-10-2021

At 6h pm yesterday a two story house with extension became fully involved in flames after fire broke out in the small municipality of Scott in Québec, Canada. Numerous stunned witnesses gathered around the scene of the violent blaze that caused significant damage to the beautiful gable front home. Scott firefighters were helped by several mutual aid fire departments coming from Ste-Hénédine, St-Isidor, St-Bernard, Ste-Marguerite, St-Lambert-de-Lauzon, and Ste-Marie all located in the region of Beauce, south of the provincial capital, Québec City. The intensity and heat of the fire was so high that the radiant heat had the house next door catch fire as well, causing more heavy damage. Route 173 being the major artery of the village was completely shut down and no injuries were reported.

Video: Vince Greenwood & Jason Quirion

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