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Saguenay: Murderous father blows up his kids to death at family home 1-10-2022

At 10h am on Monday morning January 10th 2022, an explosion rocked a residential neighborhood of Saguenay, a city in the center of Québec, Canada. Three people are dead in the most despicable and cowardly crime a person can commit after a dad killed his two toddlers. The man in his thirties was found dead alongside his two children following the deliberate deflagration at the Dubose Street house in the Arvida sector of the Jonquière borough of the agglomeration. Emergency services were called in to the address after a detonation reportedly came from the basement of the home on that tragic day. Despite the severity of the incident, no other injuries have been reported in the neighborhood. The man who was a worker at a nearby mine for the company Niobec is believed to be the father of the two homicide victims aged 1 and 2. Reports that have yet to be confirmed by authorities suggest that the suspect is believed to have obtained explosive material from his workplace. Niobec extracts ferroniobium from its St-Honoré mine, a metal alloy used commercially and internationally to make steel.

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