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St-Basile: Man murders woman and charged in atrocious femicide 2-18-2024

One day after the killing of his girlfriend, a man has been charged with second degree murder in Saint-Basile-le-Grand, Québec, Canada. Police rushed to a house at the corner of André Street and Ménard Street on Sunday evening at 11h30 pm after the woman's children called the police saying their mom had been stabbed violently. The 51 year old victim Hayette Bouguellid was found with injuries and transported to hospital by paramedics where she later succumbed. The suspect, 53 year old Mohamed Ali Mosbah was arrested at the site by police officers from the RIPRSL (Régie intermunicipale de police Richelieu Saint-Laurent) and was charged the next day with second degree murder. The perpatrator we learned had no relation with the two younger persons who called 911 and who were on scene to witness the killing of their mother. On Thursday, another double femicide this time in Vaudreuil-Dorion left two women dead and a third injured by stabbing: Gender related homicide where a female victim dies is called Femicide and is a hate crime qualified as the killing of a woman or a girl by their partner or a controlling family member or relative due to misogynistic behavior and intimate domestic violence. In common cases of this horrible type of hate crime, a woman wanting to end a relationship with a more physically powerful or dominant man faces extreme danger and an act of violence is more likely to happen in her direction than the other way around, especially at the time of a breakup or divorce. Footage in this video was filmed in the aftermath of the crime on Monday morning February 19th 2024.

Video: Mathieu Tye

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