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The extraordinary nest building skills of the Monk Parakeet in 4K

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The Monk Parakeet (Myiopsitta Monachus) has to be one of the most dexterous birds in the world. As it is seen here, the two legged two wing green creature demonstrates extraordinary skills. In the wild, this parrot naturally uses dexterity from the claws and agility from the beak to build its nest like in this example filmed in November in Argentina. In this detailed 4K footage of the birds in action, the pair pulls, push and bends twigs and sticks found nearby to construct the solid structure among the tree canopy. Despite their body limitation, they still use the few tools they have to successfully build strong weather resistant homes on tree branches, away from ground predators. These masters of wild engineering are capable and motivated enough to overcome their struggle and eventually get the right angle to insert designated branches in specific spots of the nest outer frame. This very smart animal is only found naturally in South America and can live up to 30 years old. Other populations of feral groups, sometimes considered as an invasive species of the Monk Parakeet, can be found across the world especially in the USA and in Europe.

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