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The great Jacamar of the Panamanian rainforests of Gamboa

One of the many otherworldly creatures that inhabits the rainforest of Gamboa, Panama is the elusive and stunning Great Jacamar. Donning a huge powerful destructive thick black elongated beak, this bird resembles a giant hummingbird. The Great Jacamar (Jacamerops Aureus) is a large 30 cm long exotic bird with iridescent green, blue and yellow feathers. It feeds on insects and bees that its particularly well developed bill allows it to catch in mid flight. Ranging from Costa Rica to Brazil, it is found in thick lush tropical rainforests in its distinctive over-sized hummingbird appearance. This specimen was filmed in 4K at Camino Del Oleoducto in the Gamboa region of the Panama Canal in the beautiful country of Panama.

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